From Design to Creation: The Process of Crafting Our Gift Bags!

The process begins with designing the bags, which involves creating a vision for the bags including the shape, size, and features, as well as the unique design that will be printed on the fabric. Once the design is finalised, the next step is to choose the fabric. Factors to consider when selecting the fabric include durability, colorfastness, texture, and eco-friendliness.

After selecting the fabric, the next step is to create several samples to test the design and make any necessary adjustments. Based on the samples created, we will select the final design that will be produced.

The bags are then sewn by our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, based on the final design. The production process involves cutting the fabric to the correct size and shape, sewing the pieces together, and adding any necessary features such as drawstrings. 

Once the bags are sewn, they are shipped to Sydney where we print the final design onto the fabric using a printing method that is both long-lasting and high quality.

In the future, our dream is to bring the entire production process to Australia, including designing, sewing, and printing. This will allow us to have more control over the process and ensure that our bags are made using sustainable and ethical practices. We're committed to finding the most eco-friendly printing methods possible and believe that with hard work and faith, we can achieve our goals insha'Allah.

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